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I See The Light

For anyone taking part in Janathon, you know exactly what I mean.  Here we are on day 22 and we can all take great pleasure in the fact that we’ve done over 70% of this great event.  For those of you who don’t know what Janathon is you can check it out here:  www.janathon.com I’m […]

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That’s what this is now.  I mean, it’s getting difficult to think of anything to write about and unfortunately things are spiralling into an awkward silence.  What shall we talk about today?  The weather?  Okay, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the UK the past 13 years is that the British love to talk […]

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A Mile & A Zap

As I was a little pressed for time today I wasn’t able to do any long runs, but it’s Monday and I wouldn’t have anyway!  My training plan calls for a long walk on a Saturday (the day before my long run) and a short 1 mile run the day after my long run.  So, […]

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It’s All Good

Today was another long run and it felt great.  Honestly, this has been a great relaxing week off work and I feel much better for it.  It was nice to end the week with a long run that felt good as well as the couple previous to this were slightly difficult and not as easy […]

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Rest Day

Hello again loyal reader.  You’re the only one that keeps coming back and reading this… really exciting stuff.  Thanks for coming back to check on me and see how I’m doing.  You may be happy to hear that I’m still surviving Janathon here at the (pretty much) half way mark.  Yes, I’m crazy. Today was […]

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In The Middle

Here we are on the 14th of January and just about half way through Janathon.  Which, by the way, is really great.  I mean, look at all the people reading each other’s blogs and the new friends made on twitter etc.  Let’s hope we can all stay in contact and remain regular readers of each […]

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Slendertone System

I’ve been asked to review the Slendertone System and I’m happy to report that it arrived today.  The good ole Royal Mail delivered it about mid-day and I’m excited to try it out and begin electrocuting myself! On first inspection whilst looking at the unit and the content of the box it looks like it’s […]

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Finding My Abs

A few of us Janathon participants have been contacted by a public relations company asking us to try out the Slendertone System Abs Plus and then write a review.  We’ve got to write an initial review/blog when we receive the product and then once we’ve followed the training plan we need to right our review. […]

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