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One Hundred Push Ups

I have been reading a few different running blogs lately and I came across one called Chocolate Runner’s Blog.This blogger mentioned a 100 Push Up Challenge where you can train yourself over a six week period to eventually do 100 push ups in one go. I do push ups (very) occasionally and this appealed to […]

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Track Session

Two posts in about a week?! Something must be wrong.I went to my local running club again last night with my good friend Tony and we were all ready for a cold wet night of running around the track. We did 800m warm-up before it all started at 6:30pm and after the announcements were done […]

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Running Clubbed

I went back to my local running club last week on Wednesday night for the first time in a long time (since early last year). A good friend of mine went with me to see what it was like and he joined the “special” group for the 1st timers to learn the track rules and […]

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