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The Running Continues

I found out what my chip time was for the Princes Trust 10k. It was 58:15 which means I was pretty close with my estimate/calculation of 58:14. Obviously this isn’t my fastest time but I think the hills and conditions ruined anyone’s chances of a PB (Personal Best).The running continues and I’ve been running on […]

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That’s right, everyone’s favourite day of the week. Honestly, I don’t mind Mondays at all and I don’t understand what all the fuss is. You have to go to work? It’s all part of life isn’t it? Anyway, I’m testing out my ability to post to my blog via email and if it works it […]

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Moving the blog

I decided to move my blog to blogger.com because the features are far more superior to what I can do on my own site without turning it in to a complete blogging site (which isn’t what I want to do). So, with effect from today my blog/ramblings will be hosted here on blogger.com for all […]

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