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Lasers, Moving, Friends, Excess & Stress

I’m really sorry that I haven’t written in a while.  Juneathon was going so well for me as well!  Oh well, there is always next year. I’ve had a lot of things going on lately an my focus just hasn’t been on writing.  I’ve managed to keep running though and if you look at my […]

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Wellness Reigns

I’m happy to report that I ran yesterday morning (Friday) and did 10.57km (6.56 miles) in a 05:41 min/km (09:08 min/mile). The run felt okay, even though I was really congested before I started.  The running helped clear my head and I went to work as well.  Generally I was feeling okay and also in […]

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Run Weight Push

Yesterday was my easy run and it was easy, however I was hurting as a result of the session I had at the track on Wed night. The muscles in my inner thighs were sore and my calves felt a bit tight as well. I plowed on and did 10.36km at a 05:47 (per km) […]

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Super Six

Runnersworld.co.uk had a competition which offered a prize for 6 individuals which would provide the following:- One-to-one coaching and support from one of three top coaches – Steve Smythe, GB Olympic athlete Liz Yelling or Nick Anderson Personalised nutrition advice from the Lucozade Sport Performance Team, as well as a four-month supply of Lucozade Sport […]

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In the Long Run

Today I started to increase my Sunday runs again. I covered just over 12km in about an hour and ten minutes which isn’t too bad at all. I’ll increase it gradually over the coming weeks.As for my current location, I’m still in New Brunswick on Highway 2 but only just barely. I’m near the New […]

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See ya New Brunswick!!

I’ve updated my site properly today and according to Google Earth I am past Woodstock, New Brunswick and heading on up in to Quebec very soon. That means I’m making some pretty good time on my virtual run and I hope it not only continues but gets better too! If you’re wondering how I track […]

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I hereby sentence you to being un-motivated and less energetic!I’m appealing the courts’ decision. As you can see I haven’t been writing that often and I do apologise for that. I did explain in my very first post that I’m not great at remembering to do things. This site can be testament to that sometimes. […]

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Back at it!

Well, after exactly two weeks of illness, eating and sitting on my ass; I’m back at it! I went for a run yesterday. Yeah it was only an easy run for about 6.5km but it was nice to get the legs moving again. My biggest concern during the run was my achilles on my left […]

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