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WordPress Security

If anyone else out there has a WordPress blog installed on their own domain name I would strongly suggest you put in place whatever security protocols you can to ensure your site isn’t hacked. I recently installed some things that tell me who has been trying to access files on my site install and from […]

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Further to my last very short post, I have decided to move my blog to thevirtualrunner.org where I already have my site and log my runs etc. One of the reasons I wasn’t using WordPress in the past was because I just couldn’t find a template I was happy with and simple.  This one is […]

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Word Pressed!

Last night I had the bright witty idea that I would use WordPress to publish my blog and host it on my own site. Unfortunately, this didn’t go to plan and late last night I scrapped the idea and deleted it all from my host server.It was just too fiddly! It allowed me to import […]

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